Made with LOVE Doggie Cookies


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call!

Grain-Free Treats
Ingreidnts: Tapioca & Coconut flour,Flavor of choice, honey, vanilla, olive oil,

Training Tidbits
Note:Also great for smaller dogs!
Ingredients:As listed for the flavor you choose.
Note: Approximately 40 treats

Giant Cookie $8.50 per cookie
Ingredients: wheat flour,
flavor of choose,oats,honey
yogurt,baking soda & powder,olive oil,water
Topping: fat free cream cheese,vanilla
Note: cookies are for pick-up & local delivery only!Flavor of Cookie:Peanut Butter,Strawberry,Apple,Blueberry,Carob,Pear,Peach,Pineapple or Pumpkin

 Birthday Cake - $12.50          Ingredients:wheat flour,flavor of choose,oats,yogurt,egg,honey,vanilla, baking soda & powder,olive oil,water Topping: cream cheese,honey,vanilla
Note: Cakes are for pick up or local delivery only! Flavors of Cake: Peanut Butter,Strawberry,Blueberry,Carob,Apple,Pear,Peach,
Pumpkin or Pineapple

           Round Birthday Cake
 Ingredients: Same as Birthday cake.                                       Note: Cakes are for pick up or local delivery only!
Flavors of Cake: Peanut Butter,
Strawberry,Blueberry,Carob,Apple,Pear,Peach,Pineapple or Pumkin

Flavor of cookie

   Personalized Birthday Cookies

Wouldn't you like to celebrate your dog's birthday with one or more of these yummy cookies that will have his name on it. Also great if you are having a doggie birthday party's! Note: Please put your order in at least 2 weeks before they are needed! To make sure they are delivered in time for dog's special day! Please write in special instructions in check out what name you would like on cookie/cookies.

           Birthday Baskets
Wouldn't your dog enjoy a basket full of goodies for his/her special day? Basket includes 15 treats in 4 different flavors. Apple-Chedder drops,Peanut Butter, Maple Blueberry, Pumpkin-Apple treats, 1 personalized Birthday Cookie and also a toy.    Grain-Free Birthday Baskets available. Those baskets include Grain-Free Blueberry, Grain-Free Apple-Chedder Drops, Grain-Free Pumpkin,Grain-Free Peanut Butter Apple. Grain Free baskets also come with a toy and 1 personalized Birthday cookie. NOTE: At check out in message to seller  please write what name should be written on Birthday Cookie. Order  7 -10days  before basket is needed.  

Birthday Basket

               Pawprint Cake  
Ingredients and flavors  are the same as Birthday cake. NOTE: Cake only for pick up and local delivery only! Please contact me for more info.


        Easter Baskets-$12.00
 Wouldn't your dog enjoy an Easter Basket filled with home-made goodies just for him/her?
   Basket includes 4 Mini Peanut Butter Carob Muffins, 6 Fruity Strawberry Treats, 5 Mini Chedder Bacon Treats, 2 Vanilla Cannoli's & 1 Peanut Butter Decorated Treats.
Note: Last day to place order will be April 15th.

Easter Basket

Easter Buddies- $5.00
Your choice of Easter container[rabbit/chick/carrot] Your dog's Easter Buddy comes filled with 20-25 delicious Mini Almond Apple Cinnamon Bones. These are great for sm. dogs/puppies and/or training! Note; Last day to place order will be April 15th.

Easter Buddies/ Quantity
Easter Container